Session Formats

The CGI U Meeting concentrates on challenges to and opportunities for change across five global challenge areas: Education, Environment & Climate Change, Peace & Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, and Public Health.

Meeting events are arranged around plenary sessions, working sessions, and skill sessions, all of which allow students to interact with one another and formulate plans of action for their commitments.

Plenary Sessions
Plenary sessions are designed to help attendees gain insight into the larger context of the global challenge areas and member commitment efforts. Featuring leaders from the student, NGO, and university communities, plenary sessions introduce and address topics for further examination within the working sessions.
Working Sessions
Working sessions are an opportunity to learn from experts about pressing issues within the five global challenge areas, and to share solutions with other members. Each session begins with a panel, transition to smaller discussions at tables, and conclude with a Q&A. Most table discussions will focus on one of the three approaches most commonly used in student commitments:

Advocacy & Media:
Awareness-building and information-sharing through outreach campaigns, events, dialogue, and digital communication
Community Development:
Implementation of projects and services through local partnerships and community participation
Education & Training:
Capacity-building through educational resources and opportunities, mentorship, and skill development
Office Hours
Office hours allow student attendees to directly connect with program participants and engage in more focused discussions. They are limited to 15 students per session, and enable attendees to gain insight and guidance from CGI U’s program participants through an open Q&A format.
Special Session for University Presidents and NYOs
In order to better engage university presidents and foster cooperation with national youth organizations, this session highlights the collaborative potential between these two constituencies. Through innovative research, program development, and service initiatives, this session explores ways that these sectors can work together to develop creative and effective solutions to pressing global challenges.
Service Project
On Sunday, CGI U members took part in a Service Project, which allowed students to give back to the greater Miami community. At the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust’s Homestead complex, attendees rehabilitated existing facilities and grounds to help prepare for the Trust’s upcoming expansion, which includes 145 permanent housing units, an organic nursery, and a farmers’ market. Activities included creating a soccer field, clearing land for the community garden and organic nursery, remodeling the Family Resource Center, installing a playground, painting a mural, and installing a flagpole at the veterans’ residence.
Skill Sessions
Skill sessions are an opportunity for attendees to gain practical knowledge and skills to implement their commitments. The sessions begin with speaker presentations, followed by small break-out sessions where attendees share commitment ideas and experiences, discuss common challenges, and present questions to the speakers.

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A project of the Clinton Global Initiative.

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A project of the Clinton Global Initiative.